Business Services

PRI Risk MitigationApproach
At PRI we offer robust business services to establish the strong foundations on which businesses can flourish. We can audit and advise on security frame-working including the approach to governance, policies, IT controls, recruitment and operational site set up.

Staff Vetting
We advise on best practice staff vetting procedures, obtaining and substantiating suitable references and assist in the interviewing of personnel. PRI will assist client companies and organisations in interview techniques and structure thereby ensuring that appropriate questions are asked and that the right information is collated in order to verify the background of the potential employee.

The gathering of appropriate references and proof of qualifications is an important but often overlooked measure that PRI will ensure is fully complied with together with obtaining original certifications.

By ensuring that an organisation has the highest caliber of an employee at every level of the workforce, that organisation will build quality and best practice in its workforce and employment management programmes.

Policies & Processes
We advise clients on best practice policies and procedures, ensuring that they are suitable for the way their organisations operate. We will implement a tight organisational framework, which allows clients to govern and control in a manner that prevents the risk of fraud and malpractice from within or externally. PRI helps clients update company policies and procedures that protect both the employee and company. PRI also assist clients annually revisit policies such as data protection and IT usage in order to ensure that they remain relevant and up to date.

Fraud Control
PRI will asses what fraud controls are currently in place and advise where any additional measures need to be introduced. We provide consultancy advice and/or provide presentation packages in all areas of Corporate Governance issues, including:

  • Money Laundering Compliance
  • Privacy Act Legislation
  • Data Protection
  • Human Rights Act
  • Health & Safety Legislation
  • Bribery Act Legislation


Cash Management
PRI will advise on appropriate controls for physical cash on site – petty cash, till takings, or virtual cash registers together with adequate sign off procedures thereby minimising loss from theft or fraud.

We will audit and make recommendations from a collection of cash, through to storage (drop boxes, safes) to banking and reconciliation methods of accounting for cash. We will look at the practices for virtual cash when recording sales and purchase transactions, dual controls, signoffs and reconciliations to ensure that any area of potential fraud is identified and remedied.

Due Diligence
PRI will undertake a comprehensive due diligence investigation of a business (and associated individuals) prior to our clients entering into transactions or contracts with them, including with potential investors, suppliers, and third-party IT or HR companies. We help decision-makers by providing detailed in-depth information to evaluate prior to signing a contract. PRI provides intelligence, which can mitigate potential risk to a company, either financially, operationally or its reputation.

PRI employs multi-layered teams of investigators, analysts, lawyers and industry experts who together provide first-class insight about those who are crucial to a contractual arrangement. We can interview relevant parties and references in order to identify any underlying risks. Our analytical expertise allows us to interpret disparate strands of information and perform the requisite background enquiries. We deliver contextualised reports that will highlight any ‘red flags’ that are essential to know before successfully entering into a contract or transaction.