Crisis Response & Contingency Planning

Crisis Response & Contingency PlanningPRI’s comprehensive crisis response coverage is available for clients and their dependents who travel internationally if they are faced with a situation which threatens their security as a result of a political or military incident or a natural disaster. We will arrange and manage a clients evacuation to a place of safety, or home country. PRI provides a physical response to assist in evacuations, providing a duty of care at all times.

Through our 24/7 Crisis Communications Centre, we will manage the crisis situation and communicate with all affected stakeholders including family, friends and business associates.

Our expertise in contingency planning enables us to walk clients through their contingency and crisis management planning. We will engage in scenario planning and training ensuring clients have effective plans and protocols in place so that in the event of an emergency the management team will know the processes to be followed.

PRI provides guidance and teaches techniques on how to mitigate risk when traveling abroad, by improving general awareness and by teaching common risk mitigation safety practices. We prepare organisations, their employees and private individuals for crisis situations through training and instruction. We give frank advice through the creation of scenario situations and debriefs.