Cyber Security

PRI Cyber intelligence
Providing an active layer of defence against cyber attacks, data leakage and other threats to organisations.
Possession of up-to-date intelligence allows you to be prepared with an effective response system in the event of an attack.

Uncovering Negative Campaigns
Clients regularly find their reputation under online attack from adversaries operating anonymously or under an assumed identity. PRI unmasks negative campaigns aimed at slandering individuals or companies, including the identities, biases, motivations and conflicts of those making false statements, and enables clients to take steps to silence them.

Active Threat Intelligence and Cyber Forensics
In today’s digital age, the provenance and authenticity of computerised information can be a critical factor in deciding the facts of a case. PRI’s cyber forensics team delves deep into metadata in order to show when documents have been altered or manipulated. PRI’s cyber forensics experts have the necessary experience and credentials to act as specialist witnesses when required.