Geo Political Risk

Geo Political PlanningPRI provides in-depth destination briefs and reports with country-specific risk, threat and vulnerability assessments designed to support a client’s pre-travel planning and mid-trip itinerary changes. We deliver up-to-date information on security, safety and emergency response protocols.

With PRI’s journey tracking and real-time alert service, we monitor a trips progress through direct and indirect communication. This includes real-time warnings and alerts for security, safety, health, transportation or other potential threats.

We work with clients, both organisations and individuals, to provide up to date medical information in any region of travel detailing private and government hospitals and medical centers. We issue clients with a 24hr medical emergency number so that we are on hand to assist immediately if any medical crisis arises including medical evacuations and repatriations.

Should the situation demand we will provide security escorting services, including international and in-country transportation arrangements, extending to a commensurate level of close protection.