Investigation Services

Investigation ServicesFraud & Corporate Investigation
PRI has a huge wealth of experience in the investigations of fraud and other corporate malfeasance. Our investigators are experts in gathering electronic and physical evidence for both civil and criminal cases. PRI employs best practices in the obtaining and production of evidence. All PRI investigators are entirely cognisant of the rules of evidence.

Contractual Investigations
In the event of contentious employment terminations, PRI can undertake forensic reviews of documents, contacts, emails, texts and other data found on an organisations computers and smartphones. PRIs use of sophisticated investigative techniques manifests itself in our proven history of successful outcomes for our clients.

Financial Investigations & Forensic Accounting
PRI’s financial investigations assist clients in discovering financial manipulation or misrepresentation, accounting irregularities, or other financial misconduct, whether in cases of investment due diligence, litigation, internal investigation, asset recovery or in other contexts.

Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations
PRI works globally to trace and covertly interact, on the ground or online, with counterfeiters in order to secure samples of counterfeit goods. We are expert at producing evidence backed cases and work with law enforcement agencies internationally to assist clients with administrative or criminal raids and the prosecution or litigation of offenders.

Trademark/Patent Protection
Utilising our cyber resources PRIs investigators and IP experts work in conjunction to provide a comprehensive international programme to secure a clients intellectual property rights. Working closely with our clients and their legal advisors we assess their needs, including working with law enforcement agencies such as Customs, Trading Standards and Police in order to provide a bespoke brand protection package.

Supply Chain Risk Management
PRI conducts in-depth international investigations of businesses, potential suppliers or partners and individuals on behalf of clients prior to engaging contractually with them. These investigations provide organisations with detailed information to evaluate a suppliers ability to deliver the requisite services prior to signing a contract thereby minimising the organisation’s exposure to loss or reputational damage caused by the other parties inability to perform. We also identify the potential involvement of criminal or terrorist parties.

Litigation Support

Evidence Gathering
PRI’s investigators are experts in interviewing, evidence gathering and surveillance with state of the art investigative techniques and equipment. We have detailed knowledge of the admissibility of evidence and standards of proof required for civil and criminal actions.

Asset Tracing
PRI are experts at tracing assets usually as a result of criminal, divorce, bankruptcy or civil dispute proceedings and other circumstances.
Often combining with financial investigations our asset tracing service reaches globally to trace ownership, investments, acquisitions and partnerships throughout the commercial, public and private sectors. We are able to provide due diligence support on contractual agreements with expertly gathered intelligence and strategic consultation. Our experts can evaluate and trace the source of assets in order to establish their whereabouts or true identity.
Witness Tracing
We employ industry recognised search tools, which provide up-to-date, cohesive and precise information and data in real time allowing people that have moved or are out of touch to be found. We understand the need to act quickly and our access to high-quality data and internal investigators mean we can perform background enquiries and also deploy manpower on site to either survey, gather evidence or perform face to face interviews. We provide in-depth trace reports with all data secured and protected as a matter of paramount importance and we have the infrastructure to hold sensitive data securely.