Security Services

PRI Security ServicesRisk Assessments
PRI will survey threats to physical and operational security from all aspects in order to identify vulnerabilities. We then produce an impact analysis of the potential results of a security breach or emergency. Our reports clearly detail the steps to be taken to enhance security measures focusing on people, property and reputation.

Asset Identification & Prioritisation
Our analysis and reporting focus on security planning: physical, operations, and technology. We evaluate a clients organisational security programme and assess the individual needs of each location including each facility’s capabilities and realistic threat potential. working with clients we provide bespoke security risk management plans that address local, regional and international concerns.

Policy & Procedure Development
PRI provides comprehensive, third-party analysis of security policies and procedures to identify weak points in clients operations as well as investigate specific concerns they may have. We also analyse clients current systems, we develop or fine-tune policies and procedures, ensuring conformity with industry laws and regulations for every country where business is conducted.

Contingency & Crisis Management
In close collaboration with clients, we develop plans to combat unexpected threats and their strategic consequences to organisations that require decisive, time-critical decisions. We consider the effects of severe adverse weather events and other natural disasters, leadership crises, technological incidents, workplace violence and risks to the business’s mission, brand, performance or reputation.

Development and Assessment of Resilience Strategies
PRI specialises in developing resilience strategies that help clients anticipate, adapt, and quickly recover from unforeseen and unplanned events. Using practical and proven methodologies we evaluate an organisation’s characteristics, core capabilities and critical dependencies. We then integrate key security, emergency management and business continuity priorities into a robust and highly customised action plan.

Physical Security Strategies
From biometrics to CCTV installation PRI’s team of experts assists clients to identify and install best practice security measures across the board in the home or workplace. We offer comprehensive guidance on integrating the critical physical issues and best practices fundamental to maintaining a full security programme.

Internet Profile Analysis
PRI undertakes Internet profile assessments designed to uncover exposures in the virtual world. Employing a range of software and our expert investigation standards, we conduct a comprehensive study of a client’s digital persona. We discover what vulnerabilities exist. We then produce an effective plan to mitigate threats and reduce unwanted or unnecessary internet exposure.

Social Media Monitoring
Our comprehensive social media monitoring programme aids clients, both organisations and individuals, to keep abreast of what’s being said about them to help determine a proactive rebuttal strategy. Using a proprietary range of threat-focused monitoring tools and open-source intelligence sources we provide bespoke search and threat analysis including of the dark and deep webs.

Social Media Control
PRI will work with clients to control and manage social media accounts including the management of security settings of each platform and device used. In the rapidly changing world of social media, companies are constantly designing new features and updating default settings. We help clients stay current with the changes and help manage profiles and implement best practices.

Cyber Security
PRI works with clients to plan for network and data protection, minimise exposure, and manage potential breaches. With our holistic cyber threat mitigation planning and design programme, we ensure the implementation of best practices to protect virtual systems.

PRI experts will identify and evaluate gaps in clients network security resulting in unnecessary exposure and produce the most effective solutions. We will assist clients design a plan for implementing services and protocols into the digital process to make it more predictive and secure.

Our threat mitigation expertise helps clients to determine what data and capabilities are critical to their business. We evaluate the existing threat mitigation and defensive position of a clients current processes and systems. We then determine what, if any, legacy systems should be updated and improved upon.

By utilising our remote IT systems penetration programme we will, in conjunction with on-site device audits build in comprehensive countermeasures to a clients network vulnerabilities. Working with clients we will create an adaptive cybersecurity model that can evolve with the changing virtual reality.​